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  1. Small Business Owners, Community Members Call for Tax Cuts for Middle Class of CO

    December 4, 2012 by Fair Share

     More than 50 small business owners and members of the Aurora, Colorado community stood together at a rally on Saturday to remind Congress  that they’re united on the issue of taxes.  At the rally they delivered a strong message to their Representative, Mike Coffman: middle class and small business owners making less than $250,000 deserve a tax cut.

    That also means it’s up to Congress to also ensure that the wealthy pay their fair share. “Representative Coffman should not hold out for tax cuts for the richest among us,” said Aurora real estate agent Jeanne May, an Aurora real estate agent and member of Colorado Fair Share.  ” He needs vote for middle class tax cuts for people like me, not for tax breaks for millionaires who don’t need them.”

    According to the White House’s Council of Economic Advisors,  98 percent of Americans who make less than $250,000 a year and the 97 percent of small businesses that earn less than $250,000 a year would see their taxes increase if the middle class tax cuts aren’t extended. The average middle-class family of four would be hit by an average tax increase of $2,200.

    “If Congress stands in the way of extending tax cuts for the 98 percent of Americans who make less than $250,000, small businesses like mine are the ones who get hurt,” said Glen Goodson, owner of A1 Boxing Gym in Aurora.  “A ‘my way or the highway’ agenda to protect the richest from paying a dollar more in taxes will force a tax hike on the middle class and shift more of the burden to working families and business owners like me.”

    Members of Colorado Fair Share will gather again on December 10 to deliver a petition to Congressman Coffman reminding him that voters sent a clear message this November: they want  jobs, not cuts. That means investing in job creation, extending the middle class tax cuts and protecting vital programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and education. Stay tuned.

  2. Joe Is Our Cup of Tea

    October 31, 2012 by Fair Share

    Mike Coffman and Joe Miklosi sat down for their final debate today, and it remains clear why Miklosi is the best person to represent our district.

    Miklosi  has solid plans about how to create jobs in the district. He wants to make this area the clean, renewable energy capital of the country, while also making sure that companies who outsource jobs don’t receive tax breaks.

     He will protect Medicare and fight for seniors – unlike incumbent Mike Coffman, who voted to turn it into a voucher program, a move that would raise out-of-pocket costs to seniors by $6,400 per year.

    He will end tax breaks to the richest one percent of Americans, making sure that money goes back into programs that matter for all of us here in Aurora – jobs, education, Medicare, and Medicaid. Mike Coffman? Well, he voted for those tax cuts in the first place. And during the debate today, Coffman said he wanted “to see those breaks continued.”

    Miklosi has the endorsement of The Aurora Sentinel,  The League of Conservation Voters, the Fraternal Order of the Police, and as of yesterday, former President Bill Clinton.  He also has the endorsement of our hardworking activists who have gone have made the voices of the 99% of Colorado heard at debates, actions, community forums — even the Republican National Convention.

    So with one week left, it’s time to make your endorsement. Get out and vote!

  3. If By Town Hall Coffman Means Corporate Tour…

    September 18, 2012 by Fair Share

    Thanks to some great reporting by Jason Salzman at, we finally have a lead on where Mike Coffman’s been holding the “town hall meetings” he’s been talking about: at corporate meet-and-greets. Meaning the general public was not invited. Meaning that he didn’t have to face questions from his constituents. Meaning it’s a complete cop-out to say he has held town “dozens of town hall meetings” in district, including in Aurora.

    A town hall by any other name is not a town hall, and this sure doesn’t smell sweet.

    49 days until the election, Mike. It’s time to represent.

  4. Mike, Oh Mike, Where Have You Gone?

    September 4, 2012 by Fair Share

      Meet Mike Coffman:

      If you’re just an ordinary voter from Aurora, chances are you’ve never met Mike unless you’ve attended one of his fundraisers.

      Mike is the GOP member of Congress from Colorado’s 6th Congressional District, and to win re-election, he needs our support — the support of voters right here in Aurora who are now in his district. You’d think that as part of Mike Coffman’s campaign he’d consider meeting with us to hear our concerns and make an effort to represent our interests in the halls of Washington, DC. You’d be wrong.

      Mike has consistently prioritized his monied political interests and extreme ideology — not ordinary voters like us who he’s campaigning to represent. Since you won’t get any answers directly from Mike, we’ve compiled a list of his priorities for you. It boils down to two things: Mike’s likes and dislikes.

      1. Voting for the Ryan/Romney budget that cuts taxes for the wealthy and ends Medicare as we know it
      2. Raising money for his reelection campaign
      3. Attending high-dollar fundraising events
      4. Making stupid remarks about the President
      5. Monocles, top hats, and catered dinners*  (* informed speculation)

      1. Meeting with his constituents
      2. Working people
      3. Answering questions

      As you can imagine, we’ve been eager to talk with Mike — he’s supposed to be our representative, after all. He doesn’t call, he doesn’t write, and he ignores us on the street.

      Exhibit #1:

      Not only is Mike ignoring us, but his friends were downright mean. Exhibit #2:

      Apparently, his friends don’t want to engage with voters with real concerns riff-raff. The video below was the response from Mike Coffman’s supporters. Exhibit #3:

      We’re not really sure what that means.

      What we do know is that our questions remain unanswered, so our quest continues. Hopefully in the next two months, Mike will take a few minutes away from the fundraising circuit to engage the voters he hopes to represent. That’s how democracy works, right?

      …until next time.