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  1. Joe Is Our Cup of Tea

    October 31, 2012 by Fair Share


    Mike Coffman and Joe Miklosi sat down for their final debate today, and it remains clear why Miklosi is the best person to represent our district.

    Miklosi  has solid plans about how to create jobs in the district. He wants to make this area the clean, renewable energy capital of the country, while also making sure that companies who outsource jobs don’t receive tax breaks.

     He will protect Medicare and fight for seniors – unlike incumbent Mike Coffman, who voted to turn it into a voucher program, a move that would raise out-of-pocket costs to seniors by $6,400 per year.

    He will end tax breaks to the richest one percent of Americans, making sure that money goes back into programs that matter for all of us here in Aurora – jobs, education, Medicare, and Medicaid. Mike Coffman? Well, he voted for those tax cuts in the first place. And during the debate today, Coffman said he wanted “to see those breaks continued.”

    Miklosi has the endorsement of The Aurora Sentinel,  The League of Conservation Voters, the Fraternal Order of the Police, and as of yesterday, former President Bill Clinton.  He also has the endorsement of our hardworking activists who have gone have made the voices of the 99% of Colorado heard at debates, actions, community forums — even the Republican National Convention.

    So with one week left, it’s time to make your endorsement. Get out and vote!