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  1. It’s Not Debatable: Coffman Stands with the 1%

    October 17, 2012 by Fair Share


    Congressional candidates Mike Coffman and Joe Miklosi sat down for a debate last week, and though it won’t be broadcast publically until this Wednesday, we’ve gotten a few hints as to what was discussed in the 20-minute face-off. They talked about Medicare and healthcare, among other issues.

    Unsurprisingly, instead of sticking to the facts, Coffman repeated the wildly inaccurate figure touted by Romney and other Republicans that Obama’s plan would cut $716 billion to Medicare.

    That’s false. The Obama plan adds new benefits, including coverage for preventive care.  The $716 billion in “cuts” quoted by Romney and Coffman are not benefit cuts –they’re cuts in future growth spending and to providers that will prolong the life of Medicare. Miklosi knew that, while Coffman stood by to misleading claims in an effort to cover his own support for the Ryan budget, which would indeed slash Medicare benefits by turning it into a voucher program, increasing out-of pocket costs to seniors by more than $6,000.

    We know where Coffman stands on Medicare. But a lot of questions remain unanswered, and Coffman has made it very clear that he won’t give his constituents in Aurora the time of day.  In a poor attempt to make himself appear available, Coffman claimed in the Denver Post that he will “personally” answer any questions sent in via email or called into his office.

    Well we put that claim to the test, and it turns out Mike’s not really taking any calls.

    So where does that leave us? With a Congressman who won’t talk to or meet with his constituents. With a Congressman who votes to extend tax cuts to the rich, while voting in favor of punitive cuts to programs that benefit the 99%, such as Medicare, Medicaid, and Pell Grants. With a Congressman who works for the 1%, while turning a cold shoulder to the 99%.

    We could do better. Luckily, the election is just 20 days away and we have a choice – Coffman or Joe Miklosi, who will vote to end tax cuts for those making $250,00 or more, while also standing up to special interests.

    Here’s an idea — since Mike won’t take our calls, we can send a message through our votes.

  2. Coffman is the Candidate of the 1%

    October 15, 2012 by Fair Share

    We thought about giving you 99 reasons why Mike Coffman is wrong for Aurora.

    But we’ll go with three:

    1.  He voted for tax cuts for the wealthiest 1% of Americans, giving millionaires an average tax cut of $160,000.
    2. He supports the radical Ryan Budget, which would turn Medicare into a voucher system, significantly increasing out-of-pocket costs for seniors.
    3. He refuses to meet with the voters of Aurora, preferring instead to attend fundraisers outside of his district and to take in SuperPAC money.

    And if you need more convincing, here’s what our local newspaper, The Aurora Sentinel had to say about Coffman:

    “Aurora has matured to become a vibrant, appealing and progressive community, a welcoming home to all Americans and visitors. Coffman no longer represents the wishes of the community’s diverse and tolerant population. In fact, his record in Congress during the past two years shows that he too often opposes what most Aurorans stand for. And that’s wrong.”

    Mike Coffman, the candidate of the 1%. This is one of the tightest and most closely watched Congressional races in the country, and you have a chance to do something for all of Aurora.

    We’re going door-to-door on October 19th and 20th to tell voters about Coffman’s challenger, Joe Miklosi. Sign-up to canvass with us and help elect Joe Miklosi, the candidate of the 99%.

    Miklosi is running against Coffman here in Aurora, and he stands for the things we support: ending tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and protecting Social Security and Medicare. He wants to represent workers, not corporations, and that’s something we can get behind. He will represent Aurora’s diverse and tolerant population well.

    November 6th is right around the corner. Now’s the time to join us to let people know they have a clear choice on Election Day: Joe Miklosi for the 99% or Mike Coffman for the 1%.

  3. Coffman Gets A Zero Middle Class Issues

    October 12, 2012 by Fair Share

    Last week at the presidential debate at the University of Denver, President Obama and Mitt Romney presented their visions of America. While the pundits dissected the performances, we were making one thing clear outside the debate: Romney’s economy does not work for the 99%.

    And you know who marches in lockstep with Romney’s economic vision? Mike Coffman.

    If there’s any doubt that Coffman isn’t interested in representing the interests of the vast majority of the people his district, here’s the how the Campaign For America’s future rated Coffman: 0.

    Their verdict was Coffman “does not represent the middle class.” Why?

    Well, it’s a case of second verse, same as the first. He voted to turn Medicare into a voucher program. By voting to extend the Bush tax cuts, he cut a check for millionaires to the tune of $160,000. He makes time for the big donors, but can’t find the time to answer questions from his constituents in Aurora.

    So in 28 days when election day rolls around, remember what the Romney/Coffman economy means to you. Here’s a hint: unless you’ve got a Jaguar in the driveway and a ski house in Aspen, it means Mike Coffman is working against you.

  4. UnRepresentative Mike Coffman Strikes Again

    October 3, 2012 by Fair Share

    The hypocrisy of the Mike Coffman’s campaign for re-election in Colorado’s district six has reached new heights this past week. As you may know, Coffman has been unwilling to show up at debates, candidate forums, or any event in which he would interact with his constituents — without first writing a campaign check, of course.

    Call it old fashioned, but we believe that a Congressman should be willing to talk to the people he’s seeking to represent.

    So, we invited Coffman to a candidate forum in Aurora on October 10th. Not shockingly, we’ve gotten nothing but radio silence from Team Coffman in response — despite repeated calls and a hand-delivered invitation.

    Then in a particularly ironic twist, on Thursday Coffman accused his challenger Joe Miklosi of ducking out on a debate — the same Joe Miklosi who challenged Coffman to five debates, all in district. Coffman refused to attend any of them.

    Like many of Coffman’s assertions, his claim didn’t hold up under scrutiny. The “debate” that Miklosi declined to attend was a $60-per-person Chamber of Commerce breakfast in Thornton– 20 miles outside of the district — held at 7 a.m. on a Monday morning.

    But Coffman didn’t stop there. He stated in a recent interview that groups like Fair Share are the reason he doesn’t hold public events because he’s afraid they’ll be disrupted by members of our group.

    Disrupted by whom, Congressman? By people like Fair Share activist David, who knows the struggle of losing a job despite his good education? By people like Jeanne, the retired teacher, who goes door-to-door to remind people to vote because she knows the importance of having a voice in the future of our country? By people like Mary, a 75-year-old activist who got up at 6 a.m. to stand outside the Chamber of Commerce breakfast because she wants to talk to the Congressman so he can understand the problems Aurora faces?

    Those people are the “paid professionals” Mike Coffman accused of disrupting his events.

    Sometimes you need to call a spade a spade, and here’s our call: not only does Coffman vote for policies that are directly contrary to the interests of the hard-working members of the district (tax breaks for the rich, the Ryan budget), he vilifies those very people he’s running to represent. That’s wrong, and that’s incredibly unrepresentative.

    He can try to spin the story, but at the end of the day, the facts speak for themselves.

  5. A Census of Mike’s “Town Hall” Meetings

    September 20, 2012 by Fair Share

  6. If By Town Hall Coffman Means Corporate Tour…

    September 18, 2012 by Fair Share

    Thanks to some great reporting by Jason Salzman at, we finally have a lead on where Mike Coffman’s been holding the “town hall meetings” he’s been talking about: at corporate meet-and-greets. Meaning the general public was not invited. Meaning that he didn’t have to face questions from his constituents. Meaning it’s a complete cop-out to say he has held town “dozens of town hall meetings” in district, including in Aurora.

    A town hall by any other name is not a town hall, and this sure doesn’t smell sweet.

    49 days until the election, Mike. It’s time to represent.

  7. Mike, Come Back to Your Childhood Home!

    September 14, 2012 by Fair Share

    As you may know, Mike Coffman’s not running in the same exact district that he ran in two years ago. The new District 6 is split between Independents, Democrats and Republicans, and now includes Aurora. That means Mike can’t just cater to the wealthy and the right-wing fringe of the GOP — he needs to represent people from all backgrounds, colors, and creeds.

    As it turns out, Mike once knew Aurora pretty well. “Coming from Aurora certainly helps,” Coffman said about his chances in an interview recently.

    So, by the way he tells it, Aurora is just like home. But if there’s no place like home, why doesn’t Mike swing by for a visit? The election is only 54 days away, and with a dance card quickly filling with fundraisers, it’s only going to get harder and harder for him to find the time. But we’ll be here, because for us this is home.

  8. Mike, Meet Our Activists (AKA Voters/Constituents)

    September 11, 2012 by Fair Share

    We’d also like to address some of the mistruths Congressman Coffman has been spouting about some of our people in Aurora. He has characterized our dedicated, involved activists as trying to “intimidate” him by “stalking” him — or as normal folks like to call it, trying to get a moment of our Congressman’s time.  We’d like to introduce you to a few of our activists.

    Here’s Wanda: 

    Wanda is a grandmother from Aurora She’s very involved in local politics, and wants to help build a world where her grandkids will have access to education and good jobs.

    Here’s David: 

    David is an unemployed father of three, and he wants to make sure hard-working Americans who’ve lost their jobs are represented by a politician who wants to create an economy that creates jobs rather than one who wants to cut Medicare and taxes for the rich.

    And you know why Mike doesn’t know this about our activists, and instead chooses to make unfounded character attacks rather than respond to the issues? He’s never bothered to come and meet with us. So Mike, meet with us. We’re your constituents, and we want Aurora to have a secure future and a strong voice in our democracy. It’s time to represent.

  9. Does Mike Have an Invisibility Cloak?

    September 10, 2012 by Fair Share

    So it seems like Mike Coffman’s people have come to visit our site, if not Aurora. Mike’s spokesman insists to local media that he IS available to voters and that he DOES have public events in Aurora. So where’s the proof?

    None exists. Here are the facts.

    We’ve checked his office website, his campaign website, sifted through pages of Google and Yahoo search results, and contacted his office, but we can’t find a single public event where Rep. Coffman has invited the public to talk to him in Aurora.

    If he’s so accessible, how can voters connect with him? If not the web, how do they let people know? Snail mail? Pony Express? Mike must know that maintaining a flock of carrier pigeons is a tad too expensive for folks these days.

    Instead of apologizing to his constituents for avoiding them — what a courteous, responsive civil servant might do — Mike Coffman doubled down and accused his constituents of lying. It was an arrogant attempt to pull one over on the constituents he hopes to represent a the vain effort to salvage his political career.

    Aurora deserves better.

  10. RNC: We Went to Meet Mike’s Spirit

    September 6, 2012 by Fair Share

    We’re so committed to having an honest and open dialogue with Rep. Mike Coffman about the issues that affect Colorado a few of our Fair Share activists traveled down to the GOP convention in Tampa to see if we could grab a beer with Mike in between his planned flurry of cocktail parties and fundraisers.Well, Mike pulled out at the last minute, but we went ahead anyway. Alongside activists from across the country, we rallied to tell the Republicans it’s time they represent workers and not corporations — they’re not people, no matter what Gov. Romney says.

    And it was a blast.

    99% Takes Tampa

    The Coffman for Congress campaign spokesman Owen Loftus had this to say to the voters and constituents in Colorado’s 6th District when he found out we would attend the convention, even though Mike wouldn’t:

    “Hahahahaha. Don’t tell them that he’s not going to be there!”

    Yep, that’s a direct quote. So now we know the kind of person Mike likes to hire: the kind who likes to belittle voters. And since Mike had some free time in his schedule since, do you think he found time to visit Aurora? Hint: The answer has an “N” and “O” in it.

    Until next time…