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What A Beautiful Day to Take Action!

December 10, 2012 by Fair Share


Today’s the day we visit Mike Coffman and Congressman Bennet to deliver our very pointed holiday message: the 98% of Colorado want jobs, not cuts! We’re delivering our petitions to let our representatives know in this lame-duck session they need to keep workers, students, retirees, and the middle class in the forefront of their minds. That means passing the middle class tax cuts and protexting Medicare, Medicaid, and education programs. Make sure to give Coffman a call if you agree: Lone Tree:  (720) 283-9772; Washington, DC (202)-225-7882.

Here’s what Colorado Fair Share activist Jeanne May had to say on the subject in her op-ed in Sunday’s Denver Post: 

“If both congressmen truly respect their duty to represent the interests of their constituents, I urge them to heed the Election Day message: Vote not only to extend the tax cuts for middle-class people immediately but also to increase the taxes for the richest 2 percent in these final weeks of 2012.

Reps. Coffman and Tipton may not realize it, but going into this holiday season, millions of us are still reeling financially — from lost homes, lost jobs or a seriously impaired sense of economic security.

As a real estate agent, I have had a unique view of the recent recession sparked by the housing bubble. My clients and I are just now starting to feel like we’ve hit bottom and, slowly, are on the way up financially. And it’s those of us on Main Street, not Wall Street, who want political leaders to avoid decisions that will jeopardize our country’s fragile economic recovery.

Colorado would lose out if the middle-class tax cuts come to an end. Those who make less than $250,000 would have to pay an additional $2,000 more a year in taxes. That’s $2,000 less a year in most folks’ pockets to spend on food, services and goods. That’s a real bite into my budget. So we will spend even less and the recession will drag on.”

So stand with Jeanne May today and deliver a strong message to Coffman, Bennet, and all of our reps: We want jobs, not cuts! Here’s Coffman’s numbers again: Lone Tree:  (720) 283-9772; Washington, DC (202)-225-7882.

Even our resident dog activist Karma has some thoughts on the subject:


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