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After Tomorrow, the Fight Continues

November 5, 2012 by Fair Share


Are we going to put Joe Miklosi over the top tomorrow? That’s what Bill Clinton asked us to do, and that’s what we’ve been working on non-stop to do all year.

So if you haven’t, make sure you vote!

 We need to make sure Joe wins, because the alternative, Mike Coffman, is not the candidate for us, the 99%. His votes say it, and his words say it too. He voted for all the wrong things for Aurora – tax cuts for the rich, the Ryan budget, turning Medicare into a voucher system. He refused to meet constituents, preferring instead to malign them in the press because they expect him to answer their questions.

And Miklosi?  He’s got ideas, he’s got answers. He wants to protect Medicare, while adding jobs to the area through innovative means. He, to quote the Aurora Journal Sentinel “offers a great deal of experience, a great capacity for innovation, and the best choice to have our mature voices and wishes carried loud and clear to Washington for the next two years.”

Tomorrow night we’ll know which candidate the voters picked. We hope it’s Miklosi. Whoever it is, we’re still going to keep fighting for the same things that got us into this race: good jobs, a system where the rich pay their fair share, vital services like Medicare, and a system where people have a voice, not corporations.

Why will we continue? Because we firmly believe that’s the platform that every member of Congress, regardless of party, should be fighting for.

It will start on November 8, when 99% voters and activists will deliver large posters of letters and pledge to support “Jobs Not Cuts” to the offices of Congressman Mike Coffman and Senator Michael Bennet. As we said, our work has just begun.

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