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We Can Stop Debating About Coffman Now

October 19, 2012 by Fair Share


Mike Coffman sat down with Joe Miklosi, his challenger in the Congressional race in District 6, for a debate that was broadcast last night. In a rapid 20 minutes they covered their plans for Medicare, taxes, and jobs.

 We can sum it up this way: Miklosi had the facts down cold, and he had strong ideas about how to protect Medicare and create jobs. He supports policies that will help workers, seniors, women and students.


 Coffman resorted to stale talking points and disproven claims. He claimed to support seniors, though he voted to turn Medicare into a voucher program. He offered no new ideas on how to create jobs in Colorado, meaning we’re just left to look at his votes – in favor of outsourcing and for tax cuts for the rich.

Miklosi, who vowed to protect Medicare and fight for the 99%, had a good read on Coffman. “Mike Coffman did vote to end Medicare as we know it, and to make our seniors pay $6,400 annually, and basically tell them they’re alone. [He] takes that savings and give[s] to to big oil, companies that ship job oversees, and to millionaires in the form of tax cuts. That is not the best way to lead.”

Coffman’s way of leading is to resort to the false and tired lines, like the claim that Obama wants to cut $716 billion from Medicare. In our last post, we showed that was inaccurate. Miklosi parried the claim very well indeed:

“There is no $716 billion in cuts like my friends on are right are trying to pretend. You’re the one that actually wants to make the cuts,” he said, turning to Coffman.

I’m not cutting benefits, you are,” he continued. “And you’re lying to the American public to say that you’re not.”

Luckily, the people of Colorado can have a say – ballots are arriving now.

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